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At the KC South, the number one goal is fun. This applies not only to the young players, but also their coaches and parents.

Being a smaller organization, we can be more personable than other larger, minor hockey organizations. Also being a smaller organization our teams are smaller by nature which in turn provides the the kids more ice time.  Many members have created lifelong friendships, lasting long past when their children's minor hockey careers are over.

We offer one of the lowest introductory registration rates going. This allows your youngster to learn to skate if required and try the game of hockey, without a major financial cost to the parents.

In the summer, KC South holds conditioning camps for players at a very low cost. This allows the young stars to work out the kinks of summer vacation and be prepared for the upcoming season. We also purchase extra ice time for the teams, whenever possible.

KC South is part of a larger organization in our city, the Knights of Columbus. That gives us access to our own arena. It's 60 years of tradition... and stability!

When it comes time to enroll your child in hockey, we hope you'll consider choosing KC South. Feel free to contact our President if you have any questions. The president can be reached at president@kcsouthhockey.ca.



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Shannon Ketcheson

Apparel Director

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President   |  president@kcsouthhockey.ca


KC South Hockey Association
Box 32077
#417 - 2331 66 Street
Edmonton, AB
T6K 4B0