KC SOUTH 2023 - 2024 Evaluations

Evaluations start September 9th and will run through to September 17th

Please see below for the listed dates and times for each age category


The first round of evaluations will consist of three drills designed to show each player’s ability to skate through time trials. These time trials will be electronically timed. Please review the schedule below, all time trials will take place at TMW which stands for The Meadows West, 2704 17 Street NW.

Once time trials are complete, results will be used to form the initial scrimmage rosters so we can move into our game evaluations. You will receive an email late Saturday informing you of when your child will be on the ice. Please be prepared to be at he first skate for the corresponding age group.


Player scrimmages are evaluated by a committee which consists of KC South Board members, parent volunteers & outside external evaluators to be impartial. No parent/coach or board member is allowed to participate in their child’s age grouping.

  • Scrimmage Round #1 September 10, 2023
      • U9 start times will be 9:15am
      • U11 start times will be 10:30am
      • U13 start times will be 11:45am

o    Players may participate in multiple games.

o    PLEASE NOTE: After each scrimmage your child may be contacted to move to another colored skate.

  • Scrimmage Round #2 September 16, 2023
  • Scrimmage Round #3 September 17, 2023



The Meadows West, 2704 17 Street NW



If for any reason your child cannot make their original time trail, we have two extra Time Trial ice times and one extra Goalie Evaluation time. You need to email Anastasia our club register at registrar@kcsouthhockey.ca to confirm your time trail make up session.



-          All players will receive an email Sunday through Tuesday after evaluations are complete to let them know what team they are on.

-          NOTE: some teams will start practicing starting Monday September 18, 2023.



TMW – The Meadows - 2704 17 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6T 0X1

MWB – Millwoods Rec Center - 7207 28 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6K 3Z3

U9 Evaluations

U11 Evaluations
There have been 2 scrimmage skate times added to the U11 evaluations, due to an influx in registered players. 

U13 Evaluations

GOALIE Evaluations



Several questions arise each year about the evaluation process. For details about the process, please review the below questions and answers for quick reference.

  1. What are the evaluation criteria used to rank my player?  
  2. Depending upon the level of hockey being evaluated, and the position (Defense, Forward or Goaltender,) players will be evaluated serval different criteria. Each criteria has a weight assigned to it, with some criteria (skating ability, game understand/hockey IQ, for example) being assigned a heavier weighting than other criteria (such as shooting, passing and scoring).
  3. My player played with a particular player (or group of players) over several seasons but ended up on a lower tier team than those players – what gives?
  4. The best, and worst, part of the evaluation process is that players are given the opportunity to display their skillset on the ice, against a group of like-skilled players. While your child may have played with certain individuals in past seasons but not this season can be for a wide variety of factors:
  •   Some players develop strength, speed, or agility at different rates as they grow physically and return year-over-year with different strengths. The player that had no strength to battle in the corner suddenly dominates in puck battles and receives much higher scores than in previous years.
  •   Some players make the effort to improve their hockey skills or overall fitness over the off-season; some put in a tremendous amount of effort and improve their placings dramatically.
  •   There are times when evaluators pick up on the good, or the bad, parts of a player’s game and that helps or hinders the player’s overall evaluation. While every evaluator does their level best to see as much of a player’s games, certain shifts can make or break that game’s evaluation score for that player. This is one reason to encourage your player to make sure EVERY shift is their level best – if a players stays on the ice too long, evaluators may notice that and can negatively score the player on not knowing when to come off the ice, or may see that player give up on a crucial back-check because they are tired, again resulting in a negative score.

I hope this information helps with understanding the evaluations and why as a club we have this process in place. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out anytime. My email is president@kcsouthhockey.com


Thank You, 

Amber Anderson

KC South President